Reciprocal Clubs


Members of the reciprocal clubs listed below are asked to provide a letter to our Board indicating they are in good standing from their Club's GM to apply for access to Onteora' facilities and amenities including: staying and dining at the Fieldhouse, enjoying our golf course, tennis courts, pool, lake, library and miles of breathtaking hiking trails.
Club facilities are available to approved Reciprocal Club Members who are staying overnight at an OC Member’s House, the Field House, or visiting an OC Member for the Day.


The Chilton Club
 Cosmopolitan Club
 Hillsboro Club
Knickerbocker Club
The Philadelphia Club
Somerset Club
Sulgrave Club
Union Club of NY
The ‚Äč‚ÄčUniversity Club of New York
The Yale Club of New York

For a reservation call Siobhan Hill at 518-589-5500 or email [email protected]

The Chilton Club
152 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, Ma 02116
(617) 266-4860
The Chilton Club is currently taking reservations. Prior to booking a room they require a letter from the Onteora GM stating
membership at Onteora and account in good standing.

Cosmopolitan Club of NY
122 E 66th Street NYC 10065
Due to the novel coronavirus, the Cosmopolitan Club is not operating at full capacity, and as such is not accepting room or
dining reservations from members of reciprocal clubs. They anticipate being back to full operations by the early fall, and at
that time would welcome Onteora Club members for overnight stays or dining. A letter of introduction from the Onteora
confirming they are in good standing will be required.

Hillsboro Club
901 Hillsboro Mile
Hillsboro, Fl. 33062
(954) 941-2220
A letter of introduction, including the visit dates, is required, and it may be emailed to the Executive
Assistant at [email protected]. Letters of introduction must be received before confirming room reservations. Reciprocal club members may stay at the Club 3 times and must stay overnight to use the amenities. Onteora members can stay for up to 14 days depending upon availability. Their busy season runs from November 21- April 30. Day use and dining only are not available. Questions: 954-941-2220

Knickbocker Club
807 5th Ave
New York, NY 10065
An OC member wanting to reserve a room or attend an event should contact their GM directly (Jean Luc) at
[email protected]

 The Philadelphia Club  
1301 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Onteora Club members are welcome to visit for lunch Monday through Friday, and for dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings.
Our Chef, originally from Lyon, is classically trained and an alumnus of several of Philadelphia and New York's finest restaurants.
The club hosts a wide variety of social events throughout the year - please inquire with our club office about events which may be held
on the specific date when you would like to visit. Although we do not currently have overnight rooms, we can arrange
rooms at a variety of social clubs and hotels (at preferred rates) in Philadelphia for reciprocal guests.
Please have the Onteora Club send us a letter of introduction prior to your visit.
Our club is closed for the month of August. 
Manager:  John Churchill; 215-735-5924. [email protected]

Somerset Club
42Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 227-1731
Due to renovations their rooms are not available from May 30- October 10 in 2021.
Reservations can be made after October 10 and typically they book out a month in advance. Onteora members will need a
letter from the GM stating that their account is in good standing.

Sulgrave Club
1801 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 462-5800
[email protected]
As Onteora members, we will be given full guest access to the Sulgrave Club when it reopens in February. At that time we
will be sent the full reciprocal membership brochure that will list the upcoming speakers/events. This club offers 6 guest
rooms and a restaurant, but mostly it is used for events, there are no tennis/golf/pool facilities. It is closed from the last
week of June through Labor Day.

Union Club of NY
101 East 69 St (at Park Ave)
212 - 734 -5400
Onteora Club Members may be overnight guests for up to 14 days. The room rate is $380 for a single and $415 for a
double. Access to all bars and restaurants, billiards room, and fitness center is available to overnight guests. A letter from
our GM indicating a Membership in good standing is required.

The University Club of New York
1 West 54th Street, New York, NY
Onteora Club Members may book room reservations at the University Club and will then be able to use any of the club's
facilities. A letter of introduction and proof of vaccination are both required. The Club is convenient to midtown shopping
and the theater district.

The Yale Club of New York
50 Vanderbilt Ave, NYC ( Across from Grand Central)
212 - 661 -2070
Onteora Club members may visit year-round for overnight stays, or may obtain a daily guest pass giving access to The Yale
Club restaurants, bars, lounges, fitness center, squash courts, pool, sauna and library. Guest passes cost a $15 processing
fee. Room reservations are charged at the "guest rate" which is higher than the Member room rate. Guest passes and
room reservations may not exceed 15 days per quarter. Any access requires a letter of introduction, confirming good
standing, be sent by the Onteora GM to [email protected]