Gun Club

 The Onteora Gun Club has been a feature of the Onteora Club for more than 25 years.  The Gun Club was started by several OC members and has been sustained by the involvement of many families from within the Onteora Club.   Located along the northern side of Cranberry Road, the Gun Club offers trap shooting, and firearms safety instruction to OC members and renters, their families and their guests year round.  We are happy to provide lessons to beginning and novice shotgun shooters, and help veteran marksmen improve their shotgunning skills.

Trap Shoots:

 Our organized trap shoots take place each Sunday afternoon during the summer months, with championships for adults and children staged at the end of the summer.  In other seasons, trap shoots take place on an ad hoc basis.  To facilitate shotgunning  in the cooler months, we recently constructed a lodge with a cast iron stove to keep spectators warm and to relax after a frosty shoot.  The Onteora Gun Club offers 25 shot rounds of American Trap. We can provide shooters with a variety of shotguns (in .410  caliber and 28, 20 and 12 gage sizes), ear and eye protection, and appropriately sized shot shells.  Dress is casual.  No shooting is authorized at the Gun Club without the prior permission of and the supervision of a Gun Club director. There are no annual dues for the Gun Club, and shot gunners operate on a pay as you shoot basis.  Alcohol in any form is strictly prohibited at all shooting events.  Additional information on weekly events is available in the weekly Onteora newsletter or you may contact the Chairman of the Onteora Gun Club.