The Onteora Theater was built in 1926 as a gift from Dr.  E. H. Jones. The first production, in 1927 was directed by Vida Sutton, and was the Joseph Jefferson version of the Rip Van Winkle legend. Four generations were represented in the cast. For the next twenty years, the Onteora Playhouse season consisted of five shows per season; one of which featured a cast of children. In 1934, "The Green Room Players" was organized for the purpose of maintaining and caring for the theater. By the end of the 1940's, the season was shortened to three plays per season. In 1952, only two plays were presented. In 1968, the Onteora Board of directors took over the responsibilities of the operating costs of the building. The number of plays never returned to the demanding five shows, but to this day the tradition of presenting at least one play featuring children continues and The Onteora Theater remains an integral part of the Onteora community.  
The Children’s play is typically presented in late July and the Adult play towards the end of August. A musical is generally performed on alternating years for the Adult play. All members regardless of their theatrical experience are encouraged to participate. For more information, contact the Chairman of the Theater Committee or during the season you may call the Theater at 518-589-6030.